About Ladybug Landscaping & Services

James von Broembsen

James von Broembsen
President & Owner

Ladybug Landscaping & Services was born on March 30th, 2002 by Owner & President James von Broembsen. He started the company off with a few handy tools!

The first assignment was at his next door neighbor’s house, Vern & Madelaine. These were humble beginnings when services were exchanged for rhubarb pie! Vern & Madelaine were having a barbecue on the day that James was weeding their vegetable patch, and one of the guests at the party asked what he charged. Upon receiving the shocking news, he decided to double James’ “wage”!

With the wonderful help of a beautiful partner, friend and wife, Kyla, Ladybug Landscaping & Services printed it’s first official business cards! From this point on, the company “blossomed” through word-of-mouth from one satisfied customer to the next.

What do our clients think about us? Read some testimonials.

A great deal has changed in the past six years. James and most of the Ladybug Team are now trained professionals in the horticultural industry.

Plus, all of our supplies and methods are earth-friendly!