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12 Jun 2019

Summer is upon us, and bark mulch is your best friend!

Hi Everyone,

With soaring temperatures in the Lower Mainland, we should see watering restrictions in effect over the next week or so. Please remember that on the two days per week that you have to water, you want to water deeply (up to an hour for your lawns and 20-30 minutes for your gardens). This will depend on slope and site conditions, existing substrate, soil…etc..

During the summer, mulching is a great way to protect your gardens and plants from trans-evaporation, allowing water to pass through the mulch to the soil beneath but trapping it there for use by the plants. It also has two other great benefits that I should mention.

1. Weeding. Provided you do a decent weeding job beforehand, it will mitigate a lot of labour for the summer and fall as it quells the weeds and makes it difficult for them to grow (due to lack of chlorophyll from sunlight – photosynthesis)
2. Warmth. It keeps plant roots protected and warm over winter months, reducing winter kill. This is important especially now as we are seeing climate change and winters are becoming shorter, but harsher.

Good luck and happy planting!

23 Oct 2015

Spring in the air and a spring in your step!

Feel the magic and awe of spring as the cherry blossoms unfurl before our very eyes and the very first tulip blossoms peek out to show their colourful cheeks from beneath a green veil. The rain seems to go on incessantly with the constant pitter-pattering on the rooftile and the dripping of the gutters as water swishes on its way to give life to everything on earth.

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