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Ladybug Programs

1. Ladybug’s Organi-Tea Program

The best natural solution for lawns and gardens, and all outdoor and indoor plants!

Healthy plants start with a healthy soil! This is a superb culture made up of Effective Micro-organisms (E.M.) and pro-biotic enzymes that help to regenerate the soil’s natural processes that have been lost due to over-fertilization.

To learn more about our ORGANI-TEA program, click here!

2. Ladybug’s Spring, Summer and Fall Bulbs & Blooms

Ladybug Landscaping has teamed up with Van Noort, a famous Dutch bulb company, to offer you the most dazzling array of  bulbs and blooms for all seasons. We  have a stunning plethora of colourful combinations that will make your garden the talk of the neighbourhood!

Check out our vast selection of spring bulbs!

3. Ladybug’s Fall Clean up Program

We have a number of bookings available for our Fall clean-up programs . For those of you that would like to ensure that your garden looks its best next spring, we would love to ensure that this happens for you.

(Book your fall clean-up now and receive $25.00 worth of FREE spring-flowering bulbs for a dazzling and delightful garden!)

4. Ladybug Poinsettias

The memories of receiving a Ladybug Poinsettia will last a lifetime!

Last year, a number of our customers were visited by one of our Ladybug Elves, running around town with one of our very own Ladybug Poinsettias. We offer the very best, exquisitely decorated Ladybug Poinsettias delivered directly to your door by an elf – a Ladybug Elf!

Check out our colours of poinsettias and order some now!

5. Ladybug Christmas Lights

Ladybug Lights is pleased to introduce the next generation of LED lighting. Full Wave LEDs are brighter, more colorful and use up to 90% less electricity compared to regular bulbs. Plus, they’re waterproof, crush-resistant, UL-approved and rated at 80,000 hours. If you’re looking for a brighter bulb that lasts for years, this is the technology you’ve been waiting for.

Please click here to visit our Ladybug Lights page.